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Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP HANA In-Memory Data Platform
SAP HANA In-Memory Data Platform
HANA is known as in-memory data platform in SAP. Basically, SAP HANA will grant you significant changes in an application performance with a limited number of inoperative between the analytical and operational data stores that will support you to reduce the admin burden, with all the conclusions it will reach a comprehensive TCO and cost ratios in relation to conventional data warehouses. Every individual performance gives a few numbers of demonstrations. SAP HANA Training in Bangalore can be increased as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud.

SAP S/4 HANA is a completely new generation of SAP Business Suite that is recognized by excessively enhanced performance, simplifications, and reliable features such as simulation and planning options in various orthodox transactions. It nails a back off from the transactional way that just reports data in the direction of presenting end users quick decision support in the actual time that is built on data from the external and internal sources. SAP Online Training in Bangalore covers all aspects of SAP S/4 HANA.

SAP HANA Database Architecture Overview

Recently SAPVITS has published article about SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad. It includes various subtopics including SAP HANA Architecture. It states that considering to other databases, the architecture of SAP HANA is expensive and very different. The SAP HANA database is developed in C++ and runs on SUSE Linux Enterprises Server. SAP HANA database includes various servers i.e.:

Name Server: The name server includes of exact data about the system landscape. It contains data about every running component and place of data on the server in divided server.

Index Server: It is the essential SAP HANA database element and includes genuine data stores and the engine for data processing. In circumstances of actual sessions and connections, while SQL or MDX get begun opposite the SAP HANA system, an index server manages these commands.

Pre-processor Server: For examining the text and obtaining data from a text while the search function and Pre-processor Server is utilized. The capabilities of pre-processor server are employed by index server throughout the examination of the text data and penetrating.

XS Engine: This is seen in the XS Server. This allows external application and developers to employ SAP HANA database over the XS Engine consumer.

Statistic Server: The statistic server help in gathering the data for the system monitor and helps in learning the SAP HANA system’s fitness. The function of this server is to receive the data related to source delivery, state, and production of the SAP HANA system.


SAP HANA Studio is Eclipse based tool and is utilized for developing artifacts in a HANA server. For HANA system, SAP HANA studio is the key administration tool as well as the chief development context.

The key characteristics of SAP HANA studio are as follow:
  1. The SAP HANA studio allows a framework for HANA Management, Data Provisioning and HANA Information Modelling in HANA database.
  2. To start local or remote HANA system, SAP HANA Studio is used.
  3. This tool enables the customers to produce and obtain customer authorizations, to manage the SAP HANA database, to create new or update recent models of data etc.

Introduction of SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Manager

SAP HANA Application lifecycle management is one of tool that supports the customer in all stages of a SAP HANA application lifecycle which are starting from creating user product structure, by application development, assemble, transporting, and installing.

Tools used in SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Manager

SAP HANA Source: SAP HANA Source system is area where all the development objects are constructed and placed.

SAP HANA Target: The customer applies SAP HANA Target system in order to record the source system, determine transportation routes and designate suitable delivery units as an administrator role.

SAP HANA Appliance

  • To guarantee the uniform execution of an SAP HANA system and to meet IT policies and IT compliance's, you must accept the external software in the SAP HANA appliance.
  • The external software is kind of software that was not released by SAP or by the HANA appliance hardware associate. We do not suggest the installation or aid of external software that has created difficulties in user environments or in the labs of SAP HANA hardware suppliers.
  • Till now, no software elements or software versions are identified to have created obstacles in the user environments or in the labs of SAP or SAP HANA hardware suppliers.

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